22 May

The street names for this week is the letter D

DAVENPORT WY WITHERS: Possibly named after Ronald George Davenport who was Assistant Town Clerkin the 1940's to 1950's and a Councillor from 1963-1969. 

Devonshire Street - WITHERS: Possibly named after the "Devonshire", a schooner carrying goods and passengers along the coast. She was wrecked near Fremantle in June 1842 in a gale. Rev.Wollaston noted in his dairy that all drowned, master, mate, one man and a boy, and their passenger William Kernot Shenton. "A solitary dog" was the only survivor. 

DUNBARTON WY WITHERS: FIRST APP 1436/69 170671 After County Dunbarton, Scotland.  

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