15 May

Why does your street have the name it has? Are you curious about the history behind your street name?

We will be posting a series on street names in the Withers area by selecting a letter randomly and uploading the results weekly.   

Look for your street and see the history behind the name. 

Give this post a like and message us if you would like to query, clarify or update any points you feel we may have missed or that requires updating. 

We would like to acknowledge Landgate for the use of information gathered in compiling the Withers street name history.   


The letter for this week is T

TASMAN PL WITHERS: Said to be named after the 17th Century Dutch explorer, Abel Janszoon Tasman. (Origin supplied by Cecily Brown, Bunbury Historical Society).   

THISTLE ST WITHERS: The Thistle, a schooner of 36 tons disappeared after it left Bunbury for Durban, South Africa in May 1903.(Origin supplied by Cecily Brown, Bunbury Historical Society).   

TOBIN PL WITHERS: John Conway Tobin, Councillor (intermittently) May 1917 - November 1920.Reserve Register approval 7/12/1992 in File 323/1944 V6 P868.   

TRUSTY ST WITHERS: The Trusty brought settlers to Australind in 1842 and 1844 for the Western Australian Company. (Origin supplied by Cecily Brown, Bunbury Historical Society).

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