02 Aug

On Sunday 2nd August 2020 Withers Progress Association Inc. (WPA Inc.) held their fundraiser sausage sizzle at Bunning’s Bunbury to raise money for future community events and for the Friends of Des Ugle Park Christmas Fair (FODUP) next year.

It was a very busy day with many people volunteering their time to help out. We had Tammy, Greg, Karen, Mary, Luke and Lorelei helping out in their designated stations. We sold 600 sausage sizzles and 120 drinks raising funds for the group.

With heavenly buns from Bakers Delight Dalyellup and the generously discounted sausages from Woolworths Dalyellup, the hot dogs were so good even the rain couldn’t keep people away.   

We would also like to thank all the volunteers that helped out with the sausage sizzle.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding of the Covid-19 safety practices. 


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